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A Model of Knowledge Sharing in Biomedical Engineering: Challenges and Requirements A.A. Arntzen-Bechina, C.A.D Leguy Research Paper 2007-01
The Human Side of Innovation Alexander Ditze, Peter Schmidt, Juan-Carlos Wuhrmann, Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum Practitioner’s Section 2004-09
High speed development of new chemical synthesis and materials at molecular-level: Methods and approaches Alexander Kulesza, Kenta Stier and Marek P. Checinski Practitioner’s Section 2016-10
The consumption of Sicilian red oranges: implications for firms involved in commercialization Alfonso Silvio Zarbà, Gaetano Pulvirenti Research Paper 2006-01
Sources of information for technology intelligence in chemical formulation Álvaro Pedroza Zapata and Sara Ortiz Cantú Practitioner’s Section 2011-05
Value pricing in the chemical industry – Rebooted Andrea Maessen and Jan Haemer Practitioner's Section 2017-10
IP strategies in business operations with China Andreas Bieberbach Practitioner’s Section 2012-10
REACH effects - Opportunities and risks for transfer pricing Andreas Boller and Markus Keerl Practitioner’s Section 2009-01
High-Performance Research for High-Tech Materials Andreas Gutsch, Michael Dröscher Practitioner’s Section 2005-05
Marketing of chemical parks: Challenges and perspectives Andreas Konert and Harald Kaiser Practitioner's Section 2017-06
The relation of energy value chains, global GDP and CO2 taxes Andreas Otterbach Commentary 2019-06
Factors influencing organizational change and health - Evidences from the Indian pharmaceutical sector Anil Kumar Singh and Muqbil Burhan Research Paper 2015-10
How Do Italian Biotechnology Startups Survive? Anna Nosella, Giorgio Petroni and Chiara Verbano Research Paper 2006-05
The challenges and opportunities of the European Union lead market initiative: case bio-based products Anne Toppinen and Meri Siljama Research Paper 2011-05
Biotechnology research in South Africa: A benchmarking exercise Anthipi Pouris and Anastassios Pouris Research Section 2009-01
Science and Society in Cuba in the Context of Techno-economic Globalization Aqueil Ahmad Research Paper 2005-09
Analyzing the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology in portable applications by a historical and bibliometric analysis Arho Suominen and Aulis Tuominen Research Paper 2010-09
Exploring market knowledge in product development of chemical firms Armand Smits, Geert Vissers and Ben Dankbaar Research Paper 2011-01
The place of chemistry in business Arthur D. Little Historical article 2009-05
Implementation of sustainability in innovation management: The Idea to People, Planet and Profit (I2P3®) Process Aurélie Wojciechowski, Beatrix Becker, Martin Kirchner and Burkard Kreidler Practitioner`s Section 2019-02
Entrepreneurial potential in chemistry and pharmacy. Results from a large survey Aurora A.C. Teixeira Research Section 2008-05
Biomedical research and development in the Indian therapeutic drug industry Azamat Ali and Kunal Sinha Practitioner’s Section 2015-10
Design thinking as driver for innovation in the chemical industry Benedikt Waerder, Sigrid Stinnes and Oliver Erdenberger Practitioner's Section 2017-06
Tackling present and future challenges of the chemical industry Benjamin Niedergassel Letter from the Editor 2007-05
Changes in the Chemical Industry Benjamin Niedergassel Letter from the Editor 2006-09
The Journal of Business Chemistry – Five issues of covering the latest trends in research and practice Benjamin Niedergassel and Clive-Steven Curran Letter from the Editor 2008-01
Three-Dimensional Valuation of IP Rights Bernd Fabry Research Paper 2006-09
REACh due diligence – Extended scope of M&A services in the framework of REACh Bernd Schneider and Matthias Kuschel Commentary 2008-05
A capital market's view on Industrial Biotechnology – proper valuation is the key for picking the right investment opportunities in stormy times Bernd W. Schneider Commentary 2009-09
M&A since Y2K - An overview of chemicals deals involving BRIC countries in the new millennium Bernd W. Schneider, Stanislav Plakun and Tim-Frederic Slooth Practitioner's Section 2009-05
Bio products from bio refineries - trends, challenges and opportunities Bhima Vijayendran Commentary 2010-09
The role of the chemical industry Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2014-10
How will upcoming technological trends affect the chemical industry? Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2015-02
11th anniversary of the Journal of Business Chemistry Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2015-06
Pharmaceutical companies in emerging countries Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2015-10
The chemical industry under pressure Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2016-02
Collaboration is key Birte Golembiewski and Ruth Herrmann Letter from the Editors 2016-06
Streptomyces as a host for the secretion of heterologous proteins for the production of biopharmaceuticals Carlos Vallin, Elsa Pimienta, Astrid Ramos, Caridad Rodriguez, Lieve Van Mellaert, Jozef Anné Research Paper 2005-09
Chemical distributors and their role of tomorrow Carsten Gelhard Letter from the Editor 2012-06
Be Aware of Innovation Management Carsten Gelhard Letter from the Editor 2012-10
Expect the Unexpected Carsten Gelhard Letter from the Editor 2013-02
Chemical Parks – Forthcoming challenges Carsten Gelhard and Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editor 2013-06
Stay focused in times of complexity Carsten Gelhard and Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editors 2013-10
Global Trends – Emerging Challenges for the Chemical Industry Carsten Gelhard and Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editors 2014-02
Challenging the impacts of climate change Carsten Gelhard and Birte Golembiewski Letter from the Editors 2014-06
The Influence of the Global Crisis on the Management of the Small Firms Active in the Romanian Pharmaceutical Industry Cezar Scarlat Research Paper 2013-02
Dialogue on Nanotech: The South Carolina Citizens’ School of Nanotechnology Chris Toumey, J. Ryan Reynolds, Argiri Aggelopoulou Commentary 2006-09
The value based portfolio management in response to REACh – A manual of different strategies for the Chemical Industry Christina Feldmeier and Sebastian Kienert Research Section 2008-09
How to secure sustainable competitiveness of Chemical Industry Parks: Global competitive challenges and a systematic, customer-centric response Christoph Behrendt 2013-06
The future of German chemical sites: Potential pathways and organizational readiness Clara Hiemer and Carsten Suntrop 2017-02
“Sensory Fit Panel” – Development of a new Advertising Claim Support method to assess aesthetic diaper fit performance in an objective, reliable and reproducible way Claudia Liedtke, Iris Christ, Frank Wiesemann Research Paper 2005-05
Developments at the outposts of the Chemical Industry Clive-Steven Curran Letter from the Editor 2008-05
Exploring the wide field of business chemistry Clive-Steven Curran Letter from the Editor 2007-09
Struggling for profitability: not necessarily new, but challenging Clive-Steven Curran Letter from the Editor 2007-01
Propolis: Patents and technology trends for health applications Dámarys Suárez, Daniel Zayas, Frenkel Guisado Research Paper 2005-09
REACh: A European chemicals regulation with global intersectoral consequences Daniela Valceanu Commentary 2008-01
Thunderstorms strike the economy David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2009-05
Preparing for the time after the crisis David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2009-09
Dark clouds are gathering David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2008-09
Lessons learned or business as usual? David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2010-05
The chemical industry at the edge of change? David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2010-09
Patterns of collaboration along the bio-pharmaceutical innovation process Davide Chiaroni, Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini Research Section 2008-01
Chemische Fabrik Griesheim – Pioneer of Electrochemistry Dieter Wagner Practitioner’s Section 2006-05
Novel approaches in professional education to foster innovation in the chemical industry Dorit Lehr and Christoph Auch Practitioner's Section 2017-02
The Future Belongs to Renewable Resources Dr. Stefan Nordhoff Practitioner’s Section 2006-09
A motor for future-proof jobs. The results of the study “Biotechnology in Germany - Employment potential and competitiveness” Edeltraud Glänzer Practitioner’s Section 2008-05
New biocide active substances: needs and challenges in the EU as viewed by industry Elina Kähkönen, Teemu Hirvonen and Katrina Nordström Research Paper 2010-05
Quo vadis Business Chemistry? Elisabeth Moshake and Nadine Schäfer Practitioner's Section 2018-02
School for the Bilingual: Dual Master’s Degrees in Business and Biotech Emily Waltz Commentary 2006-05
Unbiased insight on biopharma’s innovation crisis Enrique Esteban, Frank Lien and Richard Youn Practitioner’s Section 2008-05
Motivation for innovations - experiences and reflections Erhard Meyer-Galow Commentary 2018-02
Critical challenges for SMEs in the UK chemical distribution industry Evripidis Lampadarios Research Paper 2016-02
Brexit and the UK chemical supply chain: A commentary on potential effects Evripidis Lampadarios Commentary 2017-10
Bioplastics Tipping Point: drop-in or non-drop-in? Fabio De Almeida Oroski, Flávia Chaves Alves and José Vitor Bomtempo Practitioner's Section 2014-02
Improving R&D productivity requires a balanced approach Fang X Zhou and Thomas Bertels Practitioner’s Section 2014-02
Hidden Markets in the Chemical Industry - Illusion or Growth Opportunity? Frank Spiegel and Karl-Martin Schellerer Commentary 2014-02
Digitalization of the chemical industry Frithjof Netzer Commentary 2017-06
Engineering an Instrument to Evaluate Safety Critical G.L.L. Reniers, W. Dullaert, B.J.M. Ale, F. Verschueren, K. Soudan Practitioner’s Section 2007-05
Innovation Strategies for the Australian Chemical Industry Garrett Upstill, Alan J. Jones, Tom Spurling and Greg Simpson Research Paper 2006-09
REACH implementation costs in the Belgian food industry: a semi-qualitative study Genserik Reniers, Hanne Geelen, Emilie Goris and Amaryllis Audenaert Practitioner’s Section 2010-05
Managing risk during turnarounds and large capital projects: Experience from the chemical industry Gert Müller Practitioner’s Section 2015-10
Enthalpy Change: Firing Enthusiasm for learning Gordon Dyer Research Paper 2007-09
Personalised medicine, unmet need or business strategy? Graciela Sáinz de la Fuente Practitioner’s Section 2013-02
Impacts of the REACH candidate list of substances subject to authorisation: The reputation mechanism and empirical results on behavioral adaptations of German supply chain actors Guido Grunwald and Philipp Hennig Research Paper 2014-06
Spotlight on: Process Innovation Management Guido Wünsche and Carsten Gelhard Letter from the Editor 2012-02
Opaque Times Guido Wünsche and Sebastian Kortmann Letter from the Editor 2011-09
Technology transfer by new ventures within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry Gunter Festel Research paper 2013-10
The founding angels investment model - case studies from the field of nanotechnology Gunter Festel and Jan Kratzer Research Paper 2012-02
Challenges and strategies for chemical/industrial parks in Europe Gunter Festel and Martin Würmseher Commentary 2013-06
R&D Spin-outs in the Pharmaceutical Industry Gunter Festel and Sven H. De Cleyn Research Paper 2011-09
Performance improvement in pharmaceutical R&D through new outsourcing models Gunter Festel, Alexander Schicker and Roman Boutellier Practitioner’s Section 2010-05
Outsourcing of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – A Strategic Partner Selection Process Gunter Festel, Mikko De Nardo and Timo Simmen Research Paper 2014-10
Different Rhythms of Health Biotechnology Development in Brazil and Cuba Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Tirso W. Sáenz, Peter A. Singer, Abdallah S. Daar Commentary 2005-09
From megatrends to business excellence: Managing change in the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry Hannes Utikal and Julia Woth Commentary 2015-06
Accelerating the Processes of Innovation: Degussa's New Bonus System Creates Innovation Incentives for Creavis Employees Hans Höcker, Hans-Jürgen Nettelnbreker Practitioner’s Section 2004-05
Australian Cooperative Business Helmut Hügel Commentary 2007-05
Chemistry 4.0 - Growth through innovation in a transforming world Henrik Meincke, Johann-Peter Nickel and Peter Westerheide Practitioner's Section 2018-02
Lessons from Goodbye Hoechst Hermann Simon Spotlight 2019-06
Enhancing market-oriented R&D planning by integrated market and patent portfolios Holger Ernst, Bernd Fabry, Jan Henrik Soll Research Paper 2004-05
Quantitative biology – a perspective for the life sciences' way into the future Holger Wallmeier Practitioner's Section 2018-06
Assessment of thermal-stable polymer nanocomposite techniques by patent citation network analysis Hsin-Ning Su and Pei-Chun Lee Research Section 2009-09
Managing growth and profitability in the chemical industry Interview with Hariolf Kottmann Interview 2016-10
Multidisciplinary collaborations in pharmaceutical innovation: a two case-study comparison Irina Saur-Amaral and Alexander Kofinas Research Paper 2010-09
Optimization of economic conditions in the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical technology industry through a stringently interlocking procurement in the holistic business approach Ivan Barjasic Practitioner's Section 2013-10
REACH and the role of stakeholders in its socio-economic analysis Jan Boris Ingerowski, Daniela Kölsch and Heinrich Tschochohei Research Section 2009-05
Open Innovation: the New Way of Knowledge Transfer? Jan de Wit, Ben Dankbaar and Geert Vissers Research Paper 2007-01
Intellectual Property: An underestimated and undermanaged asset? Jan Friese, Udo Jung, Thomas Röhm, Ralf Spettmann Practitioner’s Section 2006-01
Opportunities for- and configuration of foreign innovation: a case study of multinational companies in China Jan Henning Behrens Research Paper 2012-06
The spatial dynamics of the European Biotech Industry- a NEG approach with vertical linkages Jan Kranich Research Section 2008-01
Internationalisation of SMEs: A Micro-Economic Approach Jan Smolarski, Neil Wilner Research Paper 2005-05
Patent license negotiation: Best practices Jennifer Giordano-Coltart and Charles W. Calkins Practitioner's Section 2009-05
Tiny things being huge Jens Leker and David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2010-01
The focus of the Journal of Business Chemistry: Good management practices in the chemical industry Jens Leker and Hannes Utikal Commentary 2016-10
Re-inventing chemistry – an industry in transition Jens Leker and Hannes Utikal Letter from the Editors 2018-02
Business Chemistry: How to Build and Sustain Thriving Businesses in the Chemical Industry Jens Leker, Carsten Gelhard and Stephan von Delft Book Release Announcement 2018-02
Running into Business! Jens Leker, Lars Hahn, Stefan Picker, Carsten Vehring Letter from the Editor 2004-09
Welcome to the new Journal of Business Chemistry! Jens Leker, Lars Hahn, Stefan Picker, Carsten Vehring Letter from the Editor 2004-05
The long term survival through innovation John Bessant Commentary 2019-02
Detergent Phosphates: an EU Policy Assessment Jonathan Köhler Research Paper 2006-05
LEAN SCM: A paradigm shift in supply chain management Josef Packowski and David Francas Practitioner's Section 2013-10
Technology to Clean Up Coal for the Post-oil Era Joseph Auer Practitioner’s Section 2007-05
Sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - results of a benchmark analysis Jürgen Peukert and Karin Sahr Practitioner’s Section 2010-05
How to implement ‘access to medicine’ AND enhance economic performance: business model options for global access Jürgen Peukert and Thomas Fuggenthaler Practitioner’s Section 2009-09
Successful management of chemical sites: A challenge for management theory and practice Jürgen Vormann Commentary 2017-02
Are you still comparing or already learning? Experience report of a Facility Management benchmarking for laboratory buildings Jörg Petri and Andreas Kühne Practitioner’s Section 2013-06
Managing the effects of the business cycle in the Chemical Industry Kai Pflug Practitioner’s Section 2008-09
Classification of chemicals in the commercial area Kai Pflug Practitioner's Section 2013-10
Correlation between Sales and Profit Development and Ownership Type in the Chinese Chemical Industry Kai Pflug Practitioner’s Section 2014-10
Impact of tightened environmental regulation on China´s chemical industry Kai Pflug Practitioner’s Section 2018-10
Feasibility of Active Ingredient (AI) development for new biocides in the EU Kaisa Soirinsuo, Elina Kähkönen, Jouko Karjalainen and Katrina Nordström Practitioner’s Section 2009-09
Development of an effective outsourcing strategy for toxicological studies in the chemical industry Katja Hempel, Sandra Zumstein, Michael Graef, Hennicke Kamp and Bennard van Ravenzwaay Practitioner’s Section 2012-02
Supply-Side Determinants of Energy Consumption and Efficiency (ECE) Innovations Kieran O’Brien and Nuttaneeya (Ann) Torugsa Research Paper 2011-09
Chemical plant engineering projects – Customers around the world prefer cutting-edge technology “Made in Germany” Klaus Gottwald Practitioner’s Section 2007-09
Futuring in the European Chemical Industry Klaus Heinzelbecker Practitioner’s Section 2005-01
Chemists of the future Klaus Müllen Commentary 2009-05
CeNTech - Nanotechnological Research and Application Kristina Riehemann, Arnold M. Raem, Wolfgang Buscher, Harald Fuchs Commentary 2007-01
PhytoGerm: Extraction of germanium from biomass - An economic pre-feasibility study Lars Rentsch, Ines A. Aubel, Norbert Schreiter, Michael Höck and Martin Bertau Practitioner’s Section 2016-02
Future Studies in Brazil CGEE Approach for Bio- and Nanotechnology Lelio Fellows Filho, Dalci Maria dos Santos, Gilda Massari Coelho, Márcio de Miranda Santos Research Paper 2005-09
Identifying the emerging roles of nanoparticles in biosensors Lu Huang, Zhengchun Peng, Ying Guo and Alan L. Porter Research Section 2010-01
The smart-up ecosystem: Turning Open Innovation into smart business Maarten van Gils Practitioner's Section 2019-06
Collaboration in the context of industry convergence - an overview Magdalena Kohut Research Paper 2019-02
From customer understanding to product understanding: Collaboration with industrial lead users in a B2B context Magnus Tottie, Thomas Lager and Sofia Nordqvist Research Paper 2016-06
Testing Costs and Testing Capacity According to the REACH Requirements – Results of a Survey of Independent and Corporate GLP Laboratories in the EU and Switzerland Manfred Fleischer Research Paper 2007-09
Organising Product Stewardship in Large Chemical Companies Manfred Fleischer, Michael Troege Research Paper 2004-09
Industrial biotechnology becomes a key competitive factor Manfred Kircher Commentary 2011-01
Sector inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector Marc Besen and Dimitri Slobodenjuk Commentary 2008-09
Channel management in the chemical industry - Selecting the right option Marc Fermont Commentary 2007-09
Development of integrated production networks using extended material flow analysis Marco Auer Practitioner’s Section 2013-02
Specialty chemicals and contending with forces of change Marios Hatzikyriakou Commentary 2018-10
Digitalization in the process industries – Evidence from the German water industry Marius Stoffels and Christian Ziemer Research Paper 2017-10
Artificial Intelligence in the process industries – technology overview, case studies, and success factors Marius Stoffels, Tim Smolnik and Christin Hedtke Research Paper 2019-02
Managing business model innovation for relocalization in the process and manufacturing industry Martin Geissdoerfer and Ron Weerdmeester Practitioner`s Section 2019-02
The logistics profile of the German chemical industry Martin Schwemmer and Annemarie Kübler Practitioner’s Section 2016-06
The road ahead: Digitalization fuels innovation Martin Vollmer Commentary 2018-02
The future of chemical distribution in Europe: Customer relations as key value lever Matthias Hornke Commentary 2012-06
Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in the pharmaceutical industry: the wheel keeps on turning Matthias Hornke and Sven Mandewirth Commentary 2010-05
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries: A lighthouse in choppy waters Matthias R. Hornke Commentary 2009-01
Towards a phenotype of the amphibious company: an illustrative case from the chemical company Mattia Bianchi, Alberto Di Minin and Frederico Frattini Research Paper 2011-01
The growing importance of covering payment risks in the Chemical Industry Michael Timmermann Practitioner’s Section 2008-01
The Digital Revolution is coming to chemical laboratories Michael Ulbrich and Vikas Aggarwal Commentary 2019-06
Mercury Free UV Lamp for Disinfection and Purification of Drinking, Process, and Waste Water – An Approach to assessing its Innovation Potential and Possible Market Entry Strategies Mike Broxtermann, Simon Korte and Thomas Jüstel Research Paper 2017-10
Intellectual capital and competitive advantages: the case of TTY Biopharm Company Ming-Chin Chen Research Paper 2004-05
Open Source biopharmaceutical innovation- A mode of entry for firms in emerging markets Minna Allarakhia Research Section 2009-01
Condiment paprika research in Australia Nicholas F. Derera, Natalia Nagy, Adriana Hoxha Research Paper 2005-01
Nanotechnology patenting in China and Germany - a comparison of patent landscapes by bibliographic analyses Nina Preschitschek and Dominic Bresser Research Section 2010-01
Optimal ambidexterity and exploration valuableness: balancing short-term and long-term trade-off in pharmaceutical products development Osamu Suzuki and David Methé Research Paper 2011-05
Pharma 3.0: delivering on health outcomes Patrick Flochel and Frank Kumli Practitioner's Section 2010-09
Technological trajectories and multidimensional impacts: further remarks on the nanotechnology industry Paulo Antônio Zawislak, Luis Fernando Marques, Priscila Esteves and Fernanda Rublescki Research Section 2010-01
Managing product variety under operational constraints: A process-industrial outlook Peter Samuelson and Thomas Lager Research Paper 2019-06
Open innovation and firmperformance in small-sized R&D active companies in the chemical industry: the case of Belgium Peter Teirlinck and Eline Poelmans Research Paper 2012-10
Fostering start-ups in the chemical sector through the joint support offered by seed funds and established companies Philipp Rittershaus Commentary 2016-06
Pricing in the crisis? An empirical analysis Ralf Schmidt Practitioner's Section 2011-01
Account Management 2.0: From Silo Thinking to Integrated Account Development Ralf Schmidt and Olaf Lange Practitioner’s Section 2014-06
Beyond forecasting: Responsive supply networks Ray Adams Practitioner’s Section 2008-09
Successful data applications: a cross-industry approach for conceptual planning Robert Jenke Practitioner's Section 2018-06
The effects of the financial crisis on the future of the Chemical Industry Rudolf Jerrentrup Commentary 2009-01
The digitalization of marketing and sales in the chemical B2B sector Rune Koehn Practitioner's Section 2018-06
A new cooperation to advance the Journal of Business Chemistry Ruth Herrmann and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2016-10
Shaping the environment for innovation Ruth Herrmann and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2017-02
Medication for the sick patient Ruth Herrmann, Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2017-06
Boon or bane - Acting in a highly regulated environment Ruth Herrmann, Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2017-10
15th Volume of the Journal of Business Chemistry – Review and Outlook Ruth Herrmann, Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2018-02
Chemical distribution in Belgium from 2007 to 2010: An empirical study Sander Mortelmans and Genserik Reniers Practitioner’s Section 2012-06
Implementation of Open Innovation in Chemical B2B Companies Sebastian Eidam, Klaus Kurz and Eva Brockhaus Research Paper 2017-06
What's ahead in 2011? Sebastian Kortmann Letter from the Editor 2011-01
Internationalization & Growth Sebastian Kortmann Letter from the Editor 2011-05
Emerging trends in the Industrial Greases Market Soundarya Shankar Practitioner’s Section 2014-10
Standardized cost estimation for new technologies (SCENT) - methodology and tool Stanil Y. Ereev and Martin K. Patel Practitioner’s Section 2012-02
End of an Era? Stefan Picker Letter from the Editor 2006-01
Discussing challenges in the chemical industry for five years Stefan Picker and David Große Kathöfer Letter from the Editor 2009-01
Trends in Biotechnology - Opportunities and Threats for Developing Countries!? Stefan Picker, Beatriz Garcia Letter from the Editor 2005-09
Interdisciplinarity at Work Stefan Picker, Benjamin Niedergassel, Prof. Dr. Jens Leker Letter from the Editors 2006-05
Why are scientists not managers!? The Importance of Interdisciplinary Skills in Business and Science Stefan Picker, Carsten Vehring, Lars Hahn, Madeleine Vala, Jens Leker Letter from the Editor 2005-01
Defining "Business Chemistry" Stefan Picker, Madeleine Vala, Lars Hahn, Carsten Vehring, Jens Leker Letter from the Editor 2005-05
Working capital management in the Swiss chemical industry Stefan Seeger, Alwin Locker and Christian Jergen Practitioner’s Section 2011-05
Knowledge sharing in heterogeneous collaborations - a longitudinal investigation of a cross-cultural research collaboration in nanoscience Steffen Kanzler Research Section 2010-01
Value Pricing in the Chemical Industry – Most Powerful Lever to Profitability Steffen Rüdiger, Clemens Elliger, Christian Weigel Practitioner’s Section 2007-01
Challenges and opportunities in the sustainability of communication devices - an operator perspective exemplified by Deutsche Telekom AG Steffen Wasmus and Marius Chofor Asaba Practitioner's Section 2019-06
Inter-industry innovations in terms of electric mobility: Should firms take a look outside their industry? Stephan von Delft Research Paper 2013-06
Application of Timing Option to Founding Investment Decision of Biotech Start-ups Takao Fujiwara Practitioner’s Section 2011-09
Are behavioral pricing tactics also present in the B2B context? Evidence from a complex chemical B2B product Thomas Hamadi and Maike Strudthoff Research Paper 2016-02
Chemical Industry Activity as a leading indicator of the business cycle Thomas K Swift Practitioner’s Section 2015-02
The Global Business of Chemistry: Prospects and Challenges Thomas Kevin Swift Commentary 2006-01
Digitalization in the chemicals: How to succeed the digital transformation Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2018-06
Sensing and seizing opportunities Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2018-10
The ecosystem perspective Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2019-06
Navigating in a VUCA world Thomas Kopel and Bernd Winters Letter from the Editors 2019-02
Startup of new plants and process technology in the process industries: organizing for an extreme event Thomas Lager Research Paper 2012-02
Collaborative development of new process technology/equipment in the process industries: in search of enhanced innovation performance Thomas Lager and Johan Frishammer Research Paper 2012-06
Application development in the process industries Thomas Lager and Per Storm Research Paper 2014-10
Research Inequality in Nanomedicine Thomas S.Woodson Research Paper 2012-10
Nanotechnology companies in the United States: A web-based content analysis of companies and products for poverty alleviation Thomas Woodson and Duy Do Research Paper 2015-02
The need for diversity in the chemical industry Thorsten Bauer and Joachim Bohner Practitioner's Section 2018-10
How digital tools make circular economy operational in industrial areas: The example of BE CIRCLE Thorsten Bergmann, Carola Guyot-Phung and Delphine Antoniucci Practitioner's Section 2019-06
Understanding the market dynamics of biosimilars Thorsten Daubenfeld, Jonas Dassow, Maximilian Keßler and Jonas Schulze Practitioner’s Section 2016-02
On the current practice of New Business Development in the German chemical industry Thorsten Daubenfeld, Thorsten Bergmann, Niklas Frank, Lisa Weidenfeld Practitioner’s Section 2014-06
Supply Value Management - A benchmarking study and a new theoretical approach show that procurement in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has only average performance Thorsten Makowski and Florian Walter Practitioner’s Section 2015-02
Procurement in 21st century in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry Thorsten Makowski and Michael Clauß Practitioner’s Section 2011-09
Digitalization, chemical distribution and the chemical value chain Till Knorr Commentary 2018-06
Proactive R&D Management and Information Disclosure: Ramifications for Innovative Chemicals Companies Tim Swift Research Paper 2014-02
Integrated Resource Efficiency Analysis for Reducing Climate Impacts in the Chemical Industry Tobias Viere, Laura Ausberg, Michael Bruns, Nicolas Denz, Jan Eschke, Jan Hedemann, Katharina Jasch, Hendrik Lambrecht, Mario Schmidt, Stephan Scholl, Tobias Schröer, Frank Schulenburg, Britta Schwartze, Markus Stockmann Practitioner’s Section 2014-06
Chemicals Regulation and the Porter Hypothesis A Critical Review of the New European Chemicals Regulation Torsten Frohwein, Bernd Hansjürgens Research Paper 2005-01
Management of technology licensing as a foreign market entry mode: The case of leading Italian pharmaceutical and biotech companies Uros Sikimic, Federico Frattini and Vittorio Chiesa Research Paper 2013-02
Virtual Communities as an Organizational Mechanism for Embedding Knowledge in Drug Discovery: The Case of Chemical Biology Platform Vadake K. Narayanan, Frank Douglas, Daniel Schirlin, Gunther Wess, Dennis Geising Research Paper 2004-09
The benefits of social sustainability reporting for companies and stakeholders – Evidence from the German chemical industry Verena Zimara and Sebastian Eidam Research Paper 2015-10
Business Chemistry: The successful establishment of an interdisciplinary field Walter Frank, Jens Leker, Ulrich Lüning, Jens Hartung, Irina Kempter, Stefan Seeger, Thorsten Daubenfeld, Leo Gros, Stephan Haubold, Michael Hiete, Joachim Wegener and Claudia Wanninger-Weiß Commentary 2018-02
Can a top-executive in the chemical industry “survive” without a Business Coach? Werner Kreuz Commentary 2015-06
Size does matter in chemical distribution Wolfgang Falter Practitioner’s Section 2015-06
Raw Material Excellence in the chemical industry, a game changer turning cost into value Wolfram Keller Practitioner's Section 2017-10
Morphological Analysis of Technologies using Multidimensional Scaling Wukui Zheng, Jarno Kankaanranta and Arho Suominen Research Paper 2012-10
Systematically Creating Coincidental Product Evolution Case Studies of the Application of the Systematic Inventive Thinking® (SIT) Method in the Chemical Industry Yoni Stern, Idit Biton, Ze’ev Ma’or Research Paper 2006-01
Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Marketing Yoosuf Cader Research Paper 2007-05